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Comandante - Grinder C40 Nitro

Manufactured in Germany, the Comandante Hand Grinder is built by true coffee enthusiasts, for true coffee enthusiasts. This is a robust, high performance coffee hand grinder with an advanced burr set made of a very special high alloyed, high nitrogen stainless steel, a result of dedicated research and development.
•Stainless steel body wrapped in a thin wood veneer (treated with a natural wax oil), an oak wood handle (from the Black Forest), and a glass grounds container
•Stainless steel axle, crank, and micro ball bearings, as well as high-nitrogen martensitic steel burrs, which are highly resistant to pitting.
•Burrs are strong, sharp, and said to be perfect for other use cases, including grinding pepper and tea. •Capable of grinding for anything from Turkish to French press.
•Stepped adjustment makes replication easy.
•Transparent lid and grounds bin makes it easy to know how much remains.

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